Rainbow brush


The same as the brush, though it cycles the colors while you paint.

Intended to be a tool to test colors in the first iterations of Pixly, it was just too awesome to be left out of the final release. It's also a good tool to set to when you want to let kids draw stuff on your phone.


  • Change color by

    You can choose if the cycling will be done for each pixel, by the speed of the motion or even by time.

  • Cycle through

    What colors do you want the tool to cycle through? The colors of the rainbow? Back and forth between the [primary and secondary colors][psc]? What about through all the colors of a given [palette], in the order they are found in that palette? Try them out!

  • Selected palette

    In case you are cycling through a given palette, here you can choose which palette is this. Tap "Pick" to choose it!

  • Speed

    How fast should the colors change by iteration?

  • Hue, Saturation and Brightness

    The hue the brush will start at on the next stroke, and the saturation and brightness the colors will have.