Under the Colors tab of the main menu, can be found 6 filters (can change in the future), these are operations that help you change all the colors of the artboard easily.

In case you have an area selected, the filter will be applied to that area only.



Will invert all the colors of the image. The formula is RGBA' = (1-R, 1-G, 1-B, A)

Hue Shift, Saturation Shift and Brightness shift.

The name says it all. You can choose if you want to shift that parameter on HSB or HUSL. Doing it on HUSL is useful to keep the perceptive contrast of the colors.


Blurs the image, in with a gaussian or box filter.

Currently it may crash on old/slow devices. May be fixed soon.


It is different than saturation shift, because it allows you to quickly find a good grayscale ramp to apply.