Pixly can have a unlimited amount of palettes loaded by you. You can load your own .ACT, .ACO, .JASC and .PNG files, and these palettes may have a maximum of 4096 colors each.

Apart from the palettes you load, some palettes are bundled into pixly for your convenience, between these are the NES, Master System, GameBoy and C-64. These called System Palettes can't be deleted.

The recents palette

One of these system palettes is very important, it's called Recents. It will be updated constantly as you use the color selector. So whenever you want to find a color you made back then, it will be there. A color that you made two times in the selector will not be added two times to the recents palette, it will only be brought up.

Palette viewer

Whenever you expand the Colors and Brush, you'll get to see the palette viewer by the left of your screen.


On the top of it, there's the name of the current selected palette, tapping it will bring down a menu where you can select another palette.

Below the name of the palette, you'll see a list of colors. These are the colors of the selected palette.

As a palette may have up to 4096 colors, you may scroll up and down to see the rest of the colors.

Try tapping one of these colors, and the color selected by the yellow arrow will change into that color.

A cool button is found at the bottom of the palette viewer, it leads you to the Palette Manager, where you can load, export, delete, organize... do stuff with your palettes.