About Pixly

Pixly is a Pixel art editor made in LibGDX, its focus is to help game developers make their pixel art on Android devices.

Pixly development began on January 10th of 2014 as a toy project, but soon enough it got way better than much other pixel art editors that were available for Android at that time. So I decided to rise its priority over other projects of mine.

After almost two and a half years of development, Pixly is going to be released on July 12th.


Pixly is fully made with Java and libgdx, thus, all it uses for graphics is OpenGL ES.

For the twitter integration, Twitter4j was used.

Dropbox SDK for Android was used for Dropbox integration.


The whole interface was made from scratch. Windows, dialogs, color choosers, buttons, gestures... No library was used, not even Android's, not even LibGDX stage2D.

At first, all buttons, windows and dialogs were only rects, and the first icons (which were made on GIMP), were all 16x16, and very ugly:

Some time around 2014 I decided to give a facelift on the app, and spent some time redesigning the UI. I picked up a palette (the Arne palette, you can find it on the app), and re-made all the icons, made a patch-9 for the buttons and the windows. Moved some stuff around, and the result is pretty much what you see today.

And believe it or not, all the icons were made inside Pixly itself. Most of them were done while on bus/subway commuting to the university. No joke.

About me


Hi there! I'm Gustavo Maciel, also known as Tavo, and a lot of people recognize me by the nickname of Gtoknu. I'm a programmer, and am usually making games, tools to help in the making of games, or rarely web apps/sites. You can see my work (and of my friend, Guilherme) on our page Melting Logic. You can also send me emails on gustavo@meltinglogic.com if you want to talk about anything, just please don't send me spam!!

Languages which I speak very well: Portuguese and English.

Languages which I talk to the computer: C/C++11, C#/Mono, Java, Javascript, Lua, Squirrel, PHP, Python and MySQL.

The kind of stuff that I like to create: Games, tools, graphic visualizations, procedural stuff.

Reach me if you want to offer me work, invite me for a jam or even play Dota 2 with me!


First of all, thank you for using Pixly! And these people here, are the ones that helped me out, implicitly or explicitly, in no particular order:

  • LibGDX team and Twitter4J team for these awesome libraries that Pixly rely so much.
  • Everyone that participated on the beta-test
  • Riko Watashi, for making the current pixel logo and giving me suuuuch a great of a feedback!
  • Amir Uqdah, Guilherme Henrique, Solar Lune, Creator, Marco Aurelio, Vitor Santana and librix for giving me helpful feedback, testing the app and sending me reports, or hinting me of an awesome feature (or all of the three!)
  • Isabel Sousa, my girlfriend, I started the project with the intention to teach her pixel art when no other app would do a good job. Thanks to her for supporting me to continue the app!
  • @some_px for making the daily silhouettes and encouraging me to implement them in the app!